HOPE Project

HOPE aims to develop an integrated technology for the automatic detection of HFOs using non-invasive neuroimaging modalities, like EEG and MEG, tackling current limitations in the hardware and software technologies. The development of an automatic detection approach will also provide a neurofeedback platform for the inhibition of HFOs.

Beyond State of the art

Our Technical Objectives

MEG SQUID and EEG sensor

Development of MEG SQUID and EEG sensor in order to improve the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of HFOs

AI Classifiers

Development of a classifier for the automatic detection of HFOs


Development of an algorithm for the localization of HFOs


Development of a neurofeedback process (software) for the inhibition of HFOs

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Maximum knowledge exchange and career development for all the researchers
The project supports flexibility in working conditions, allowing scientists of any gender to combine family and work responsibilities for gender equality
Three summer schools Four online workshops Open Science training
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Project Objectives

The project aims to develop and maintain long-term collaborations between Universities in the European Union with the USA. The collaboration is centred on advancing technological and computational approach to HFOs identification and its relevance to MRE beyond the current state-of-the-art. This will be achieved through staff exchanges with world-leading researchers in hardware and software development, applied neurosciences and neurofeedback, dynamic signal processing, clinical assessment of patients with MRE, and techno-economic analysis.

Our objectives include the improvement in sensitivity of the hardware technology behind diagnostic equipment and the development innovative algorithms for the detection and localization of HFOs. We will also exploit these advancements to design a portal for promoting HOPE algorithms, as well as a new software that will ultimately enable patients to modulate HFOs in a biofeedback system and evaluate the effect of this on MRE.